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June 11 2015

tfw ur pretty sure u have bronchitis for the 2nd fucking time in less than 3 months

June 10 2015

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maxie lee is the new official good meme

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slobovich monoceroy u said something abt a maxie looking like geddy lee and w/ tinted glasses…….

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Wint (Dril) - COW-BOY preview clip

Ol’ Wint is doing flash animation again! If you’ve never seen his old newgrounds stuff before he got all twitter famous, you should check those out sometime as well.

like. disclaimer, for the ppl following me bc of Gay Pokemon Ship Art

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maxie topping/archie bottoming

do not even try w me pls tag it #roy dont look or sth if were in a mutual i am not going to even go there. please

i feel lik e i should put some kind of disclaimer for the ppl who have started following me as a result of one fuckign piece of fanart which is absolutely mindboggling bc yall know how i am w my ships sometimes. theres some things that im just Not Here For

like obviously rn this ship means the world to me and im stoked that theres actually an abundance of people who are also down 4 it but yknow. being somebody who comes from a background where the fandoms for all of my other ships have consisted of me and a handful of ppl id managed to talk into shipping it im like

go easy on me. im new at this. one at a time, please

diae replied to your postmy gay horrible fanart broke 300 notes and it…

isnt incredible to ship a popular pairing

its fuckign baffling dude im having the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact that im not having to beg and claw my way toward somebody on the off-chance they might possibly be like “oh thats an ok ship” so i can feel the tiniest bit validated

i feel like ive landed on an alien planet completely on accident and just by happenstance i said something that resonates with their culture, and im like “ok cool” but i still dont know whether my table manners are correct or whether they consider certain acts grievous offenses

my gay horrible fanart broke 300 notes and it hasnt even been 24 hours. this is spectacular and bewildering

slobovich replied to your postthge genuine maxie voiceclaim: geddy lee

oh ym god

faceclaim too if were going to be completely honest

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give em the ol’ razzle dazzle


*sees NOTP ship blog in suggestions*


that tears it: im going to be the #1 provider of Flustered Swooning Maxie content on the “internet;

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(clapping arrhythmically every time i pronounce a syllable) WHERE IS THE FLUSTERED MAXIE CONTENT ON THE INTERNET!!!!!

i feel so sorry 4 anyone who cant see the beauty in eriatarka. eriatarka is my favorite song ever written

ask me abt my headcanons. headcanons about anything for anybvody. i serisouly. my boss just gave me the most tedious bullshit task to do and i need to be able to break it up periodically somehow

*examines the things i do, say, and think about on a daily basis* i have a masters degree, and i do this

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