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Joss Whedon’s sly wink-and-nudge kind of violent misogyny is really one of the most disgusting thing about his “snappy” and witty writing in this, to be honest. 

in the first Avengers movie he uses an archaic word to call Natasha a gendered slur. In this one Tony makes what is essentially a rape joke in latin (prima noctae or w/e means first night and refers to the feudal lord being given the right to the first night/virginty of the women under his rule). 

like. there is no reason for this line, the one in the trailer was actually a different one - Whedon deliberately changed the line to be an obscure over-your-head rape joke so that he could slip the degradation of women into the film without people noticing and kicking up a fuss. 

this is the man people are calling feminist, even now. 

Wow like I had to reblog this again bc wow.

Like you don’t even need to be a fan to know that Joss is a goddamn fucking feminist and a brilliant one at that.

Honestly, how radical can you be? I think this post is so naive, I mean you manage to fish out one tiny obscure reference (in a fucking movie where five out of six of the main characters are male, like of course male supremacy is gonna be a thing here) but you can’t google Whedon’s name and read about anything/everything he’s done to promote feminism. Like actually tho.

Anyway, yes I understand that rape is never something to joke about but I also have a hard time believing this whole thing, since Whedon wrote entire episodes surrounding rape and its physical/emotional/psychological destruction.

This man is someone who sparked my interest in gender studies, someone who is responsible for me becoming a feminist today! His work dug me out of a very big emotionally-confused and psychologically-damage hole during my adolescence and I can guarantee that that statement stands for a lot of other feminists.

I mean have you even seen a single episode of BTVS?


good for you that Whedon made it work for you and other white women, but he is literally barely basic-entry-level feminism that equates white women’s empowerment with being equal to white men in oppressing others. He is barely kindergarten feminism. 

His feminism doesn’t include women who are not white, straight and cis. It doesn’t spare a fucking thought for intersectionality and throws any other woman under the bus, and if your version of feminism involves talking over them, then your feminism is exclusionary, privileged, racist and doesn’t do jackshit for women who are less fortunate than you.

If you mean he’s written episodes about rape culture by Dollhouse, then no, no he hasn’t, he sexualises the Dolls and never narratively criticises the loss of bodily autonomy. Also, he developed a Firefly episode (that was later cut/edited) that used violent gang rape as a plot point to get the white male character to “treat Inara like a lady”. 

also: If you have to say “rape is never something to joke about BUT” because you, personally, don’t want to believe it (like, torrent a camrip watch it yourself ffs) and then dismiss the criticism, note that attitude is consistently promoting a culture that normalises sexual violence against women and the portrayal of women as property. 

and yes, I have seen Buffy, the show that casually dismisses women of colour and used the death of a black woman and a Chinese woman to move the plot of white women, a show that killed a healthy f/f relationship for shock value, a show that uses basic White Feminist logic to put white women in white male positions to call if “empowerment”. 

so nah, pull another one. 

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