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June 11 2015

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alexlifesonofficial said: uh um jh I guess???

ur in for it

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ok so this is all in Outer Space Future

basically theres liek an academy orw/e that prepares ppl to become pilots and crew and everythign for The Fleet

and how the mechs work is like. theres a pilot whos actually in the mech flying around and all, and theyre teamed up w a partner whos actually located back on the base who works as like. air traffic control/navigation/etc. theyre able to remotely monitor everything and communicate directly with their pilot partner. theyre called “control”

and there are little fleets of mechs called units, and they consist of 2-5 pilot/control teams and a commander

so jordan and alex have been bff since forever and they go into the mech academy determined to be a pilot/control team. so this au starts like right as theyre graduating and theyre getting assigned to their pilot/control teams and jordan has graduated p high in jer class so feys p proud of jerself abt it

sucks 4 jord tho bc instead of getting paired w alex, fey gets paired w harrison, whos been a pilot for a couple of years now, and hes p fuckin great at it but hes a little bit (a lot) reckless and his control kalle has been awol for some months. so the Higher Ups are like “look ur good at this jordy. we need someone like u to keep this guy in line” and jords like “i. well”

and alex gets paired up with somebody else i havent decided who yet

so jordan is working as control for Pilot Harrison in Mech Unit Jenny Haniver, which is one of the bigger and better units in town. other than the 2 of them it consists of:

  • greg (control) & yoshi (pilot)
  • ronnie (control) & reese (pilot)
  • brodie (control) & taylor (pilot)
  • and Commander Faraji

and jords like “well i mean like. im honored but. i miss my bff” but fey kind of adjusts to it and gets to know harrison and finds they actually work rly well as a team and eventually they get flirty and all of that good stuff

meanwhile here are some of the other units that are active at the beginning of the thing:

  • unit algol: commander matt, pilots patrick & tweety, and controls scott & wyatt
  • unit hummingbird: commander xavier, pilots henry, steve, & ian, controls barry, coco, & uriah
  • unit emerald: commander lindsay, pilots amery & caleb, controls evan & pablo
  • unit btlxr: commander nieves (w her assistant/commander-in-training/baby cousin omar), pilots araceli, thekla, eidel, & rory, controls qadira, tierney, varya, & vito

and then theres also a maintenance crew in the same like. control room base w/e as the controls that just kind of monitors how the mechs are doing, whether any machinery is going awry or how theyre doing on fuel and etc. ppl like wilhelmina, felice, devon, soren, ximon, theyre in maintenance

so like. there are 3 main fleets that any given unit can be a part of. all the units ive listed are in the defense fleet. theres also the recon fleet and the scout fleet. scout fleet goes and looks for like. new locations where ppl can settle or where the military can build new bases. recon fleet runs recon missions to outposts and/or allies. defense fleet does the actual fighting

but its all extremely colonialist??? like the location scouting is basically “see what looks good and take it” and a lot of the ppl the defense fleet fights against are natives that the nation/military has displaced in the past

so one day the defense fleet is escorting some of the scout fleet to this planet that hasnt been taken over yet when theres this big huge skirmish. a lot of the controls, incl. jordan, ronnie, brodie, barry, wyatt, and qadira lose contact with their pilots. so until harrison, reese, taylor, henry, tweety, and araceli can be found, theres a lot of rearranging that goes down that can basically be likened to the bands switching up and all of that good stuff

and jordan by now is super distraught bc feys realizing like “oh crap. i knew harrison was hot but i think im actually in love with him??? and now i have no idea where he is????” and Its Bad

so some of the other pilots come back w news and theyre like “well we saw a couple of the missing pilots’ mechs seem like they were trying to land on the nearby planet” but since contact hasnt been set up on that planet yet and shits in disarray in the defense fleet everybodys like “well we need to just. chill for a hot minute and get ourselves back in order, and then we’ll send somebody down to see whats up”

meanwhile the 6 missing pilots have landed on that planet and theyre like well shit. trying to fix their mechs which are out of fuel and banged up pretty bad. and they make contact w this little village which is like. imagine landing in bumfuck, siberia, when u need to get to washington DC. theyre a long ways away, physically and otherwise. so they make friends w some ofthe ppl in the village (leighton and james and some other gsa Classics) and james does his best to figure out whats going on with this alien technology but liek what are u going to do honestly so they have to try to figure out a way to road trip it to The Citadel to seek counsel with Prince Everley and whatnot

back at the base some of the other pilots return a little bit later and they have some POWs (oliver and brian) and in the midst of all this chaos and whatnot jordan gets to touch base w alex again and theyre wondering whether they can be a pilot/control pair like they always wanted to be but alex is like “idk shits so weird like. why are they taking so long to find the other pilots, cant they send the scouts to get em” and blah blah and jordans like “ok ur right something isnt right” so fey sneaks in to see the POWs and oliver and brian are like “u realize yall took over our entire planet right” and jordan begins Questioning Feys Purpose and all of that kind of thing

theres a revolution eventually. a lot of explosions. some leighton & tweety bonding

this was really long and ended abruptly whoops

alexlifesonofficial said: I sure am

what u want em 4. ive got all kinds of thingsi  could toss into a fleet of mechs

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aus that i have for most things:

  • at least 2 different kinds of band aus
  • grad school au
  • mundane boring frustrating office job au
  • working at a grocery store au
  • mecha au
  • Young Hipsters Trying Their Best In Norfolk VA au
  • dothraki au

yall should askme abt them. its thursday so im going to be spending the better part of my workday on the fedex website downloading a shitload of .csvs. (twirls hand, closes my eyes resplendently, crosses my legs as i sit upon my throne) Amuse Me

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band au

this is going to reign supreme as the most embarrassing idea ive had for quite some time. insp. by my sudden refusal to listen to anything but the mars volta

thinking abt how the mars volta legit had a dude whose job was just to completely fuck with the sounds

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ivysaur/bulbasaur breed variants. i started these a month ago and planned to do several more but im getting pretty lazy


do u ever talk to someone who is so pro at headcanons and aus that u cant even reply




Joss Whedon’s sly wink-and-nudge kind of violent misogyny is really one of the most disgusting thing about his “snappy” and witty writing in this, to be honest. 

in the first Avengers movie he uses an archaic word to call Natasha a gendered slur. In this one Tony makes what is essentially a rape joke in latin (prima noctae or w/e means first night and refers to the feudal lord being given the right to the first night/virginty of the women under his rule). 

like. there is no reason for this line, the one in the trailer was actually a different one - Whedon deliberately changed the line to be an obscure over-your-head rape joke so that he could slip the degradation of women into the film without people noticing and kicking up a fuss. 

this is the man people are calling feminist, even now. 

Wow like I had to reblog this again bc wow.

Like you don’t even need to be a fan to know that Joss is a goddamn fucking feminist and a brilliant one at that.

Honestly, how radical can you be? I think this post is so naive, I mean you manage to fish out one tiny obscure reference (in a fucking movie where five out of six of the main characters are male, like of course male supremacy is gonna be a thing here) but you can’t google Whedon’s name and read about anything/everything he’s done to promote feminism. Like actually tho.

Anyway, yes I understand that rape is never something to joke about but I also have a hard time believing this whole thing, since Whedon wrote entire episodes surrounding rape and its physical/emotional/psychological destruction.

This man is someone who sparked my interest in gender studies, someone who is responsible for me becoming a feminist today! His work dug me out of a very big emotionally-confused and psychologically-damage hole during my adolescence and I can guarantee that that statement stands for a lot of other feminists.

I mean have you even seen a single episode of BTVS?


good for you that Whedon made it work for you and other white women, but he is literally barely basic-entry-level feminism that equates white women’s empowerment with being equal to white men in oppressing others. He is barely kindergarten feminism. 

His feminism doesn’t include women who are not white, straight and cis. It doesn’t spare a fucking thought for intersectionality and throws any other woman under the bus, and if your version of feminism involves talking over them, then your feminism is exclusionary, privileged, racist and doesn’t do jackshit for women who are less fortunate than you.

If you mean he’s written episodes about rape culture by Dollhouse, then no, no he hasn’t, he sexualises the Dolls and never narratively criticises the loss of bodily autonomy. Also, he developed a Firefly episode (that was later cut/edited) that used violent gang rape as a plot point to get the white male character to “treat Inara like a lady”. 

also: If you have to say “rape is never something to joke about BUT” because you, personally, don’t want to believe it (like, torrent a camrip watch it yourself ffs) and then dismiss the criticism, note that attitude is consistently promoting a culture that normalises sexual violence against women and the portrayal of women as property. 

and yes, I have seen Buffy, the show that casually dismisses women of colour and used the death of a black woman and a Chinese woman to move the plot of white women, a show that killed a healthy f/f relationship for shock value, a show that uses basic White Feminist logic to put white women in white male positions to call if “empowerment”. 

so nah, pull another one. 

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emaris’s human form! bigender, she/her or he/him

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band au

this is going to reign supreme as the most embarrassing idea ive had for quite some time. insp. by my sudden refusal to listen to anything but the mars volta

when i post the “art” im finishing up in a couple minutes yall are going to see just how godawful and embarrassing the ideas i come up with are. heres a venn diagram of the types of ideas i have so yall can feel me

yall heres what going on. im all abt 3rd gen pokemon bullshit, and im falling back into an “all-mars volta mixtape” habit. somehow, suddenly, being 26 is exactly like being 16 for me



the pepe (or insert any other meme) wringing his hands is based off of an extremely old anti-jewish caricature that’s literally been around for hundreds of years. i’ve seen versions of this pepe that include a pointy beard, squinty eyes and big nose but i’ve also seen versions with just the squinty eyes and wringing hands.

all of the above as well as any other iterations of this caricature are extremely antisemitic and you should not be using them at all.

please reblog this because non-jews don’t give a shit and i’ve seen one particular image on my dash way too many times at this point.

man i just remembered that some of yall dont know that my senior quote in high school was a lyric from eriatarka

alexlifesonofficial replied to your post: unofficialrogerhodgson asked:YOU …



im not even going to bother begging yall to stop me from drawing band au maxie where hes got omar rodriguez-lopez glasses

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There goes that Goku kid again, chargin’ his spirit bomb. Dale, you got my ladder? I’m gonna go up there and give him a piece of my mind.

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